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Are you asking your contractor the right questions?

If you’re renovating your home, there are lots of tricky decisions to make. The most important is deciding which contractor is right for the job. You want to find someone who will work within your budget, on-schedule, and who can give you the home of your dreams. Knowing the right questions to ask is important. At W.E. Davies & Sons Remodeling, we’ve helped you narrow down the most important ones.

Checking Credentials

There are a lot of great places to find the best contractor for your home improvement project. Whether you head straight to the internet or ask a friend for a recommendation, your initial contact with a potential contractor is important! Internet presence can say a lot about a business. Were they easy to find? Responsive? It should be easy to find all of their contact information and background information online. You’ll want to look for insured, licensed contractors who attend regular training, are members of trade organizations (such as NARI), or possess any other credentials that set them apart.

Additionally, an updated, user-friendly internet presence shows that they’re aware of industry trends, and have dedicated a lot of time and effort to maintain their reputation. Look for sites with features like customer reviews, portfolios, and an overall professional feel. Once you’ve found a few promising options, reach out to schedule an estimate!

First Impressions

Before you’ve scheduled your meeting, do some research of your own to come up with a realistic budget and questions for your contractor. Here are just a few things you will want to ask your contractor.

    • When can they start?


    • Do they have references you can contact?


    • How will they handle daily cleanup?


    • How do they handle unforeseen changes? How are these paid for?


    Will any subcontractors be involved?

If you get a good first impression from the meeting, reach out to their references for follow-up questions. You may want to ask them:

    • How were your questions/complaints handled?


    • Was the contract detailed and thorough?


    • Were you billed the exact amount on the contract?


    Would you hire this contractor again?

Before You Sign…

Before you sign anything, you’ll want to make sure your contract is fair, detailed, and has no unexpected surprises. The contract is what will guide the project, so make sure everything is as you previously discussed. Here are the most important things to verify:

    • Updated contact information from both parties


    • Product details


    • Specific dollar values for each allowance


    • Details for suppliers, installers, etc.


    • Payment terms


    Detailed schedule

Make sure you understand every detail of the contract, so you and your contractor are on the exact same page. You should have access to the EPA’s “Lead In Your Home” brochure  (for Wisconsin homeowners), your Right of Recision, and the Notice of Lien Rights. Being aware of all your rights as a homeowner will help you make a safe choice for your contractor!

Ready to Get Started?

Once you’ve found a contractor whose work you love, who answers all your questions, and communicates with you every step of the way—it’s time to get started! If you’re in the Madison, WI, area and need help finding the right team for your renovation project, call the experienced contractors at W.E. Davies & Sons Remodeling, Contact us with any questions, and we’ll do our best to simplify the process for you!



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