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Phone or Zoom Consultation

  1. The homeowner submits photos and notes for their project online or via email to the front office.
  2. The estimator reviews this information and develops a list of questions and highlights any special concerns.
  3. During the consultation the homeowner is asked about their project goals and preferred finishes.
  4. The estimator then provides initial budgets and time frames from the projects discussed.
  5. Any questions are answered and the steps in our planning and pricing process are reviewed.

Planning and Pricing Proposal - What's Included

  1. A general scope of work and cost for our services is created based on notes from your phone or zoom consultation.
  2. Our planning and pricing proposal is prepared with initial budgets for the project design and build.
  3. The proposal contains detailed information for each step in the planning and pricing process.
  4. The estimator follows up to make any revisions to the proposal or answer any questions about our process.
  5. Once approved and payment received, the initial visit to your home by the estimator and draftsperson is scheduled.

Drafting and Design Development

  1. The estimator and draftsperson visit your home and discuss your project goals with you in more detail.
  2. The draftsperson takes photos, measurements, and detailed notes about your project goals and/or finishes.
  3. The initial drawings with the existing conditions and the proposed design are created, then sent to you for review.
  4. A meeting at our office is scheduled so you can review the drawings with your draftsperson and make any needed changes.
  5. Once the new design is approved the draftsperson starts working with you to select any product finishes.

Final Design and Pricing

  1. Finalize your selections by visiting various vendors with the draftsperson.
  2. The estimator and subcontractors visit your house for a final review of the project and site conditions.
  3. The estimator gathers all the subcontractor and vendor proposals and reviews them for accuracy.
  4. A scope of work for the project is created and the various labor or material costs are added.
  5. Your remodeling contract and any subcontractor or vendor proposals are released for your initial review.

Approval of Remodeling Contract

  1. Following your review, a meeting is scheduled to answer any questions or discuss any revisions.
  2. The estimator and draftsperson make any needed changes to the drawings, scope of work, or pricing.
  3. Your revised remodeling contract and drawings are released for your final review and approval.
  4. Following the approval and down payment of your remodeling contract, we start ordering materials and scheduling your project.
  5. Your Buildertrend online portal is activated so you can communicate with the team, view your schedule, or pay any invoices.

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