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We are licenses and insured, and have our DCQ (dwelling contractor qualifier) from the state.

We sure can! We can provide you 3 clients we have done work with in the past that are willing to answer any questions you may have about working with W.E. Davies & Sons Remodeling, and their personal experience. 

We have a project manager assigned to every job, and a lead carpenter who manages the work on-site through the entirety of the project. 

When signing our Pricing & Planning Proposal, you will receive a full line by line list of work that will be performed, start and end dates for the project, costs, materials, and includes a set of permittable drawings to obtain a building permit. 

We use a system called Buildertrend, as an easy way to access documents, photos, and updates during your project. This is a great way to create a receipt of documentation and conversations with the homeowner. 

We do! We warranty W.E. Davies & Sons Remodeling carpentry work for up to 1-year. Some products and installation of certain materials may have a longer warranty attached to them, and/or by the sub contractor themselves. 

Depending on the size of the project, the most typical payment schedule is a downpayment, 1-4 during-project draws depending on size, and a final bill upon 100% completion.

Certain instances will occur, pushing the schedule back. Unforeseen issues can arise at anytime during a project that can incur more costs. We keep 100% clear communication throughout the project, so the homeowner is ALWAYS in the loop. We try our best to avoid any delay and extra costs, before the job starts, so that we can avoid change orders.

Depending on the project size and scope of work, your project may need permits. W.E. Davies & Sons Remodeling will obtain and handle all permits prior the start date of the project.

With clear and transparent communication. As soon as an issue arises, the homeowner is made aware of the issue. Once we come up with the resolution, it is our job to figure out what the change in scope of work is, and the costs affiliated with that change are, and directly relay that to the homeowner. 

W.E. Davies & Sons Remodeling, along with all of the sub contractors on the jobsite, are responsible for cleaning the jobsite everyday before leaving. That is the Standard we set as the general contractor, for all partners we work with.

We take pride in our site preparation process. We contain certain areas and spaces by putting up temporary plastic zip walls, and protect the flooring by placing temporary floor mats and floor protection in your home. All tools and equipment we use, should be set on flooring protection that we lay down, or outside of the home, to insure the protection of your home.

W.E. Davies & Sons Remodeling has worked with many of the same sub contractors for decades. We interview all new sub contractors before hiring them to work on any of our projects, just as we would any other employee of our company. As a growing company, we do try to work with multiple partners in each sub contractor category, to insure we have enough help for all of our projects and clients

We work diligently to avoid any damage to your home and property, but accidents do happen. Our company policy, is to inform the homeowner and our management team internally, to come up with a resolution to either fix or replace the damage, depending on what it is. We try and create a versatile work space and prep the area to avoid such damages, prior to the demolition or construction of your space.

Yes, this is what we call our planning and pricing proposal. After solidifying your contract to plan and price your project, we come up with a detailed proposal for your job, highlighting every detail of the project. 

Our team will always try to be out of your home, by no later than 430-5pm daily, with a start time of between 7am and 8am. 

These will be handled through “Change Orders” the contract you sign prior to the start of your project, highlights how those will be handled. With clear communication between the GC and the homeowner, we try to get change orders turned around in 1 day or less. Sometimes this work is pertaining to a sub contractor, in which we need to work with them on getting a detailed scop of work and price, to relay to the customer.


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