Three Ways to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Maximize Your Kitchen Space that You Already Have

The kitchen is the most important room of the house for most homeowners. From sunup to sundown the kitchen serves as more than just a space to cook. It’s the space for family conferences, homework, craft projects, and this past year, a home office. It’s no wonder the kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. Here are three  ways to maximize this important space, and they are not expensive or time-consuming. Continue reading to learn more about how you can use every corner of your kitchen to gain extra storage space and a more organized system.

Make Use of Your Empty Wall

Pay attention to your wall space and how you can maximize it. Do you have empty spaces on the walls where you can build floating shelves? Shelves can store decorative items to make the kitchen more visually appealing or keep bowls or bakeware so you can easily reach them while cooking.

If shelves aren’t practical, look for a nook to hang pegboards and wooden planks to store your mug and spice collection. They are easy to install; you just need a tape measure and a drill. 

Install a Lazy Susan in Your Corner Cabinet

The corner cabinet  can provide a lot of storage; installing a lazy Susan makes the space more organized and your life easier. With the lazy Susan’s rotating function, you can grab every item conveniently, even those stored deep inside the cabinet. 

Lazy Susans come in a wide range of styles, such as kidney-shaped and full circle. All of them use a spinning mechanism so  you can find things easier and have additional storage space in your kitchen. They also have varying functions, depending on your type of space and preference. 

The kidney-shaped lazy Susan has a triangular cut-out to fit L-shaped corner cabinets. Cabinet doors that close at a 90-degree angle can open and shut smoothly with it.

The full circle lazy Susan rotates 360 degrees and is the most common type of turntable. It works smoothly in corner cabinets with doors that open at a 45-degree angle.

Get Rid of Unused Items

You may overlook the number of appliances you own because you think you need all of them. However, you need to be honest with yourself about the things that are valuable and those that are just cluttering the space. These include items you have not used for a long time.

Inspect your kitchen items and list the things you constantly use. If you have two appliances that serve the same function, get rid of the unused one. It can be difficult, but having an efficient storage space also means having functioning items instead of keeping things you never use.

We Can Help You Maximize Your Kitchen Space

W.E. Davies + Sons Remodeling in Madison, WI offers kitchen remodeling services to maximize your kitchen space. If you are struggling to find more space to store your items or you want to update your kitchen’s appearance, call us today to discuss the perfect solutions for your needs – 608-222-6609. We cater to residential clients.



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