How to Build a Home Office

remodeling a home office

Are you working from home long-term and want to learn how to build a home office? Is the cluttered kitchen table or extra desk in the spare room no longer doing the trick?

While many of us enjoy the convenience and comfort of not making a commute, when your living space becomes your workspace too, achieving a desirable/work-life balance can be puzzling. At the office, your kids, spouse, and pets aren’t physically present — family can complicate things, which makes it difficult to focus on your workload.

While we’ve previously discussed ideas for starting a home office project, let’s dive in to fully explore how to build a home office!

You’re Not Alone — Home Offices Are Growing in Popularity

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many homeowners who work out of their residence full-time or part-time have a heightened interest in constructing a home office to prioritize their productivity — and separate work-life from home-life.

Here are some interesting statistics found in a recent survey of homeowners:

  • 89% rearranged their space or made minor improvements to accommodate working from home.
  • 25% of young work in an official home office; 21% in their dining or living room; & 14% in a kitchen or family room.
  • 66%-70% of all homeowners wish to make improvements to their home office set-up.

Overall, it’s apparent that most people enjoy working from home (many prefer it to an in-office setting.) Why not invest in your experience by improving or building your space from scratch?

Initial Questions, Answered:

Alright, you’ve decided it’s finally time for a change. What now? You probably have some questions, so let’s take care of those:

What’s the best room to convert into a home office?

No matter your home’s size or style, there are options that’ll work for you! A spare bedroom is a good idea as it often contains necessary electrical hookups. If you’re short on space, you can partition off an area of a larger room, or put a large-scale closet to better use and transform it into a big desk shelf unit.

If you’re looking for a full-scale remodeling project to create an optimal, out-of-the way home office, consider a garage, attic, or basement renovation. These spaces can present challenges with wiring, lighting, and temperature; however, you can trust professionals like us to find solutions!

How much does it cost to build a home office?

This project can be as budget-friendly or involved as you want it to be! If you’re simply transforming an existing space, it can cost anywhere between $400 & $3,000. Alternatively, if you’re considering investing in a renovation or remodel for your home office, the price-point can range from $10,000 to $30,000. Learn more about budgeting your project here!

What’s important to keep in mind when planning a home office build?

It depends. What do you need to do your job the way you need to? Consider what makes your position and work-flow unique and accommodate accordingly.

Here are the basics on what you’ll need no matter what:

  • Layout
  • Comfortable & functional furniture
  • Technology & electrical hook-ups
  • Pleasant lighting
  • Personal touches

Creating a Working Oasis That Works

Let’s think about you. When you picture your ideal home-office environment, what do you picture? Where are you sitting — or, are you even sitting? What do your surroundings look like? What do you need to find productivity and peace?

Office Layout

Be mindful and intentional with your set-up! An open space can be the most inspiring; avoid clutter and unnecessary objects. You’ll need to position your desk and yourself where you’ll feel the most energized and powerful. Explore feng shui ideas for your home office!

Comfortable & Functional Furniture

A bed is to a bedroom what a desk is to an office. Selecting and investing in a high-quality desk is an essential part of optimizing your working from home experience. Available in various styles and functional touches, take the time to consider if you prefer an elaborate desk with built-in storage and further fancy features, or if you just like a nice, clean, flat workspace. If you’re investing in a new desk anyway, we suggest going with an adjustable standing desk.

Additional furniture to consider:

  • A new chair
  • Storage/filing cabinets
  • Accent pieces

Technology & Electrical Hook-Ups

In a work-from-home setting, nothing is more important than staying connected. Whether you’re working in what was formerly a guest bedroom or the garage, your space needs to be equipped with high-speed internet — so make sure to address wiring requirements! We provide minor electrical services to ensure you have the wiring set-up you need.

Other electrical items to have on-hand:

  • Computer stand
  • Power strips
  • Printer
  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • Phone hook-up

Pleasant Lighting

If you found the bright fluorescent lights at your office hard to deal with, now is the time to take control in deciding how your space should be illuminated so you can work at your best.

We recommend finding a balance in different lighting sources by establishing a good mix of natural daylight, task and ambient lighting, and compact fluorescent lamps. For your mental health, please position your desk near a window — it will make your day-to-day more enjoyable, especially as daylight is becoming more and more limited.

Personal Touches

Most importantly, make your office your own. Display your personality by having objects and colors around that truly represent you. While you want to keep your space organized and clutter-free, artwork, plants, and knick-knacks will make your space feel more personalized — just be mindful of your intentions when decorating.

It’s Time to Build a Home Office!

Now that we’ve established the foundation for what your home office will look like, let’s start building it!

Whether you’re trying to build a home office from scratch or remodel an existing room to better accommodate your work flow, W.E. Davies in Madison, WI looks forward to helping you create a functional, fulfilling work space. Contact us today!

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