How a Handyman Can Help With Your Spring Cleaning

Have a Handyman Check Some of Your Spring Cleaning Items off Your List

Spring signals a new beginning with warmer weather, blooming flowers, and spring cleaning! Many people get inspired to clean their homes or tackle small repairs. Dusting, cleaning out cabinets, and mopping the floors are something you and family members can easily do. However, when the jobs require a bit more time and energy, consider hiring a handyman. If you aren’t quite sold on what a handyman can do for you, here are some ideas:

Install a New Closet Organizer

Nothing screams Spring cleaning like organizing your closet. Pulling everything out and installing a new closet organizer will be the first step in purging your unwanted, unused, unworn items. We like the one year rule. If you haven’t used or worn it in a year – donate it or dump it!

Window Screens  

If you remove your screens for the winter it’s a good idea to clean them before putting them back in place. Clean screens are wonderful for their own sake but also prevents the dirt and grime from getting on your windows.

Mount a TV   

The slim design of modern televisions just beg to be hung instead of sitting on a table or cabinet. Mounting them is no easy task and doing it right prevents damage to the wall and the television. Your handyman will make sure the mount is rated for the size and weight of your set. Plus, it looks so clean with no wires showing!

Uncover and Set Up Patio Furniture

Most people dread having to cover and store all of their outdoor furniture for the winter, and even with the promise of summer it’s a big chore to haul everything out again. Avoid the trouble and let a handyman set up your patio furniture for the season. 

Clean Gutters and Eavestroughs

As soon as spring starts, it is important to check your gutters. Your handyman will make sure their are no  obstructions and they’re not clogged with debris, animal droppings, dry leaves, or even rodents trying to make a home. Cleaning your gutters can be a risky and challenging job. To avoid damaging your roof, ruining the landscape, or getting injured, have a professional handle the job. To avoid this issue altogether, consider getting a gutter guard installed.

Get Professional Handyman Services for Your Spring Cleaning

Do you need help with your home improvement projects? From basic fixes you haven’t had time to address to more complicated projects, W.E. Davies + Sons Remodeling, Inc. in Madison, WI is a great resource to turn to. Contact us to get your handyman membership started.


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