Exterior Remodeling Timeline

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What’s on this summer’s home improvement to-do list?

Whether you’re giving your home a fresh coat of paint, building a deck, or doing major exterior remodeling, summertime, especially in beautiful Wisconsin, is the best time to get the job done.

With June already underway, now is the time to start planning your home improvement projects so you can see finished results by the time colder weather rolls around. How long do certain projects take to complete? What can you expect in your exterior remodeling project timeline during the COVID-19 pandemic?   

W.E. Davies + Remodeling, Inc. is here to explore the average timeline for building decks, patios, & major remodeling. Let’s get started!

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Your Project Timeline

Remodeling timelines depend on the size of your project. Small cosmetic remodeling projects, like building a deck or patio, can normally take a few days or up to a week to accomplish. Major remodeling projects that require extensive building and product installation can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remodeling projects are taking longer than usual. If your project requires many manufactured parts and products, you can expect longer shipment times. With new safety measures in place, shipments are taking 2-4 weeks longer than usual to arrive. 

Securing building permits in Madison, WI, are also taking longer than usual. Keep in mind that building permits and codes vary, and that communities outside of Madison, WI, all have different processes in place for building decks, patios, and additions. For more information about remodeling timelines, check out the following video:


Benefits of Exterior Remodeling

While it may take longer than usual to complete major remodeling due to COVID-19, consider the following benefits to completing smaller projects this summer!

There’s no better way to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors than with a new deck or patio. Decks and patios are considered additional living space. This can improve your home’s market value if you decide to sell in the future. Remodeling improves the safety of your home and can help your home’s exterior better endure all of the Wisconsin elements. This can also improve your home’s market value.

Complete Your Exterior Remodeling Project This Summer

Despite lengthier building and remodeling timelines in the wake of COVID-19, it’s still possible to complete home improvement projects.

If you need help completing your exterior remodeling projects this summer, W.E. Davies + Sons Remodeling, Inc. can help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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