Design-Build Contractor vs. General Contractor

Why Hire a Design-Build Contractor for Your Home Renovation?

As you’re looking to start a home remodeling project, you’ll have to decide between hiring a design-build contractor or a general contractor. Design-build firms offer a comprehensive approach to your home improvement project, from initial planning and design all the way through construction and completion. This turnkey solution can save you time and money, as well as provide peace of mind knowing that one company is responsible for both the creative vision and quality craftsmanship of your project. 

One-Stop Shop for Renovations

Design-build contractors are a great option for anyone who’s looking to tackle a home improvement project. As the name implies, they provide both design services and construction, making them a one-stop shop for homeowners. They work hand in hand with their customers on projects, providing personalized advice and helping them select materials, finishes and other features that will bring out the best in their homes. If you look into hiring a general contractor, you will either have to design the space yourself, or additionally hire a designer.

Design-builders also take into consideration budget concerns, so homeowners have more control over the costs of their projects. This approach saves homeowners the time and stress of dealing with multiple contractors.

Wide Range of Knowledge

For any construction project, it’s important to have experienced professionals who have a complete understanding of the process. No matter the size or complexity of the project, having a team that is knowledgeable in all aspects of construction is essential. From designing and planning to permit acquisition and building. Your A-team will keep your project moving forward efficiently. For example, they can request a permit for one part of the renovation while also working on finalizing your design, or perhaps working on another part of your project that doesn’t require a permit.

An experienced team reduces mistakes and speeds up the process while saving you money in the long run. Furthermore, they will make sure specifications are followed precisely so that desired results can be achieved quickly and efficiently.

Get the Job Done Right with a Full Design-Build Contractor

It can be difficult to trust that a job will be done right the first time, especially considering the complexity of most home renovation projects. Taking time to fully understand your project and researching reliable sources beforehand—whether they be experts or reviews—can increase your likelihood of success. Next time you are looking to take on a home renovation project, trust our design-build contractors at W.E. Davies + Sons Remodeling.

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