Adapting to Current Remodeling Trends

Relaxing Bathroom Remodel with Large Bathtub
The Covid-19 pandemic changed the world. There were few circumstances in our lives not affected by this change. Home Improvement is certainly one of them. People spent more time at home and that meant looking at the unfinished basement and envisioning a place to send the kids to “go play!” We stayed home for more meals which sparked ideas on how to update the kitchen. However, it didn’t stop there. Everyone suddenly needed space for a home office and for some, even a classroom. On top of needing more functional space, we were scrambling to keep up with current remodeling trends.

Let’s face it—we got sick of our four walls and set about lining our nests with new stuff. New paint, new spaces, new windows, and just plain NEW everything.

And as the demand for services and products went up, we hit supply chain issues. Computer chips for everything from cars to refrigerators were suddenly as scarce as waitstaff at your favorite restaurant.

The result is extended project timelines, increased costs, and waitlists with reputable contractors. Instead of homeowners interviewing contractors, the contractors are handpicking plum projects and everyone else is waiting their turn.

If you’re wondering about the types of projects your neighbors are doing, all trends point toward embracing energy efficiency, low maintenance exteriors, and spaces that perform double duty and offer comfort and relaxation. 

In the Bathroom

Create a serene environment in your bathroom to have a private place to recharge after a long day. Remodeling trends include large bathtubs, stand-up showers, low lighting, and calm colors. Built-in shelves and cabinets keep the room looking orderly and keeps the clutter out of sight so you can relax and unwind.

Comfy Outdoor Areas

Outdoor living spaces are designed to bring all the comfort of your living room to your deck or patio. You’ll see soft seating in larger sitting areas with tabletop fireplaces and big tables for family dinners and entertaining. Other fun trends are projectors and screens for movie night and a wide array of pergolas for sun and nasty weather protection. 

Big Windows 

There’s nothing better than natural light. A floor-to-ceiling window wall becomes the focal point of any room. Natural light also helps keeps your utility bills in check. It’s a win-win—you get a beautiful space and decrease your carbon footprint.

Multifunctional Spaces

If we learned anything in the past few years, we learned no matter how big the house is, people still needed more usable, functional spaces.  

Guest bedrooms now do double duty as a home office and your kitchen needs to become a classroom. Who’s been in a Zoom meeting when a cat or child makes a cameo appearance?

Kitchen islands evolved from a bit of extra counter space to breakfast nooks, workspaces, and a gathering spot for guests at parties.  They also save space when designed for dishwashers, sinks, and pullout trash bins. 

Don’t forget about relaxing! It’s not just about rooms to work in, but also rooms where you can kick back and relax. Put a small sofa in your home office, or a nice reading chair in the bedroom.

Clutter Keepers

Every home needs a drop zone. This is the place where shoes, coats, and backpacks get dropped and retrieved as the family comes and goes. Think of it as a staging area for leaving the house. If someone is looking for their keys or mittens, this should be the first, and hopefully, last place they need to look. 

A truly wonderfully organized space will have a cabinet or shelf for each member of the family and even a space for Spot’s leash. 

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